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JUNE 25   Ashtanga Half Primary with Linda Turnbull

Half Primary series (all levels, beginners welcome) is a short form of Ashtanga's Full Primary series. You will be verbally guided through a progressive and precise sequence of postures that are linked together with vinyasa. Practicing half primary series works towards strengthening your core, opening your hips, pelvis and lower back, deep cleaning your internal organs and focusing your mind. 

JULY 2   Flow-Restore with Jessica Martinez

Ashtanga Inspired: Flow-Restore class (all levels, beginners welcome) is a one hour flow and restore yoga practice that aims to support your health and instill a sense of calm. This session is open to all levels and will focus on breathing and movement starting with an energetic flow based on the ashtanga yoga system. The second part of the session will involve gentle stretches to calm the mind and body that will leave you feeling ready for whatever your day brings!

JULY 9   Ashtanga Inspired: Vinyasa Flow with Shannon Veins

Ashtanga Inspired (all levels, beginners welcome) works within the Ashtanga count and the linking of postures with vinyasa. Shannon will curate various postures from any of the 6 ashtanga series, allowing practitioners to play and explore as they are safely moved towards pinnacle postures that offers opportunities for students of all levels to explore, reach and challenge their own limits with support. These classes follow the traditional structure of the Ashtanga Sequence: Sun Salutations, Foundation, Seated, Backbending & Closing Asana.  

JULY 16   Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow with Melissa Wasserfall

Ashtanga Inspired (all levels, beginners welcome) allows you to explore the vinyasa system in changing sequences guided by each teacher as inspired by Ashtanga. This class will use the influence of Ashtanga as a jumping off point and Melissa will guide you through a fun, explorative practice that will take you through postures you never thought you would do only to realize you have the strength and softness within. 

JULY 23   Ashtanga Flow: Pulling from Full Primary with Rachael Roberts

Primary series (all levels) yoga chikitsa, is a healing practice. Practiced with dedication it can work to reset the physical body so the practitioner can begin to go deeper in meditation, pranayama or the physical body.  You will be guided through the a series of postures from the traditional full primary series that are linked together through vinyasa. This is an intense, high energy class. The teacher will offer alternate ways of moving and working within the asana for those with little or no experience in the Ashtanga practice. Although this is not a beginners level class (it's a tough one) we encourage everyone to come out, try and explore your body in a new way.  

JULY 30  Yin Yoga with Victoria Vilaivan

Yin yoga (all levels, beginners welcome) targets the connective tissues, ligaments, joints, and fascia within the body. Yin is a more passive practice that compliments and supports any physical or stationary activity. It aids in rebalancing the body after a long week of active asana or sitting at your desk. In this led class you will be holding seated postures from 1-5 minutes. The benefits of Yin yoga can be explored on many levels helping to restore energy flow (or Chi) to the rest of the body, and challenging the practitioner to be present within longer held postures. 

AUG 6    Hatha Yoga with Kenna Kaklin

HATHA with Kenna (all levels welcome) In this Hatha Yoga style class Kenna will guide you through deliberate movements and poses that will challenge your strength and flexibility while focusing on relaxation and breath. She will guide you to bring attention to your breath and link it to movements. There will be options available so that everyone that wants to can enjoy this class.

AUG 13    Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow with Rachael Roberts

Ashtanga Flow (all levels, beginners welcome) works within the Ashtanga count and the linking of postures with vinyasa. Rachael will curate various postures from any of the 6 ashtanga series, allowing practitioners to play and explore as they are safely moved towards pinnacle postures that offers opportunities for students of all levels to explore, reach and challenge there own limits with support. These classes follow the traditional structure of the Ashtanga Sequence: Sun Salutations, Foundation, Seated, Backbending & Closing Asana.  

AUG 20   Ashtanga Inspired: Vinyasa Flow with Kenna K

Ashtanga Inspired (all levels) is a dynamic and fast paced class. In this class Kenna will guide you through sun salutations A & B, and a modified standing, seated and closing sequence.

AUG 27    Vinyasa Krama Moon Sequence with Linda Turnbull

Vinyasa Krama Moon Sequence (all levels, beginners welcome) was created by Matthew Sweeney as a gentle flowing practice that combines yin concepts with vinyasa. Chandra Krama was originally designed to complement and support dynamic practices such as Ashtanga yoga. This sequence will include variations in standing and seated postures, with an emphasis on opening the hips, taking pressure off the wrists and shoulders and allows for more time in the postures than the traditional Ashtanga 5 breath count. The practice will bring you into the space of here and now, allow you to let go and breathe into your stresses and help to balance the yin and yang with a gentle approach. 


   Al Fresco Teachers 

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Victoria V. (YIN YOGA)

Movement Specialist for all ages. A career that has captured and captivated her heart since her early teen years and continues to be a spring of inspiration personally and professionally. Tapping into her Indigenous roots, her knowledge base in Eastern Indian philosophy, the awesome experience of living in China and with additional studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Victoria throws all of it in her cauldron and bubbles up the most 

influential, relatable sequencing with messaging from her heart to yours


Linda Turnbull (Half Primary Series, Moon Sequence)

I was introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 2000 in Vancouver through Larry Schultz (It’s Yoga) while studying modern dance at SFU. After completing my BFA in Dance I moved back to Edmonton to work as a dancer and choreographer. In 2004 I became a certified Pilates Method teacher (trained under Tracy Stafford of Integration Pilates) and Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher (Rameen Peyrow, Sattva School of Yoga, 2010), while working at my art. As a dancer/ choreographer I have collaborated and trained with actors, singers, and dancers at the Banff Centre for the Arts as well as joining the faculty at the Banff/Citadel Professional Training Program teaching dance technique & improv, choreography, Pilates and Yoga (2011-2016). 

For nearly 20 years, I have been implementing my knowledge and experience as a practitioner into my teaching.  Currently, I teach at Edmonton seniors centres (ages 55-95) and a teacher, co-owner and director at Shala Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Edmonton.

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Kenna Kaklin (Ashtanga Vinyasa Inspired)

Hi! I am Kenna Kaklin and it is a pleasure to meet you. I did my first training  in 2010 with Larry “The Rocketman”, and Marie Shultz, it was an Ashtanga Vinyasa 200hr training in Thailand! Then I went on to study Yin, with Paul and Suzee Grilley, in Vancouver. I furthered my studies with a 200hr Hatha training in Edmonton before heading down to Maui in 2019 to study Restorative Yoga with Eddie Modestini and Kristin Bosteels.  I value  Travel, diversity in teachers, and respecting personal boundaries.   I have a dog named Devi and love to walk, bike and sing.


Rachael Roberts (Primary Series, Ashtanga Flow)

started practicing yoga in 2008 and in 2010 she found Ashtanga Yoga. In the ten years that followed, Rachael took her 200 Hour YTT, had two children, continued to deepen her practice and started teaching yoga. She loves to share her passion for yoga and strives to continue her education in learning about how yoga can benefit the body so she can impart this knowledge to students.


Shannon Veins (Ashtanga Inspired Vinyasa Flow)

Melissa Wasserfall (Ashtanga Inspired Vinyasa Flow)

I started practicing Ashtanga yoga as a daily practice at The Yoga Centre, Edinburgh under the direction of Hamish Hendry and then became a teacher there, completing my teacher training in 1999. I am a direct student of the late Sri K.Pattabhi Jois and have completed my 200 ERYT and 500 RYT teacher training.

I have diplomas in sports and remedial massage, phytotherapy (the study of herbs), energy healing and holographic re-patterning. Whilst I focus almost exclusively on yoga teaching now, all of these training's have enabled me to fine tune my ability to read people’s bodies, and to see where each individual student needs particular attention.

Ashtanga yoga can be a very masculine practice and I aim to balance that with the feminine aspect of surrender and softening.

I am Y.A.A, C.Y.A and Y.A certified 

Jessica Martinez (she/her/ella) (Flow-Restore)

As a yoga instructor and a social worker in clinical practice with over 8 years of experience I have a passion for mental health trauma sensitive yoga to support wellness and healing. I believe in holistic wellness and honouring our unique and diverse experiences, identities, abilities, and bodies.

Having my own private practice I have developed a number of holistic wellness programs including the use of yoga to support trauma survivors. My approach to yoga is to recognize the wisdom within our bodies while acknowledging the yoga tradition as an ancient traditional spiritual healing method.