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  • Every moment of your time in THE SHALA is part of your practice. Act with awareness and compassion.

  • Work towards a joyful meditative silence in the room. Conversation is for the community area.

  • Please refrain from bringing electronic devices into the practice room.

  • If it is necessary to check your device please do so outside of the practice room.

  • Practice mindfully with care and consideration for yourself and others.

  • Please make space in the practice room when it is limited.

  • Try to practice with an empty stomach.

  • It is traditional to refrain from drinking water during your practice.

  • Traditionally women are advised to refrain from practice during the first days of their menstrual cycle however this is individual.

  • Before you begin your practice please inform your teacher of any injuries or conditions that might affect your practice.

  • Physical adjustments is part of the teaching. If you wish not be adjusted inform the teacher before class.

  • If assists or adjustments are needed please practice the asana 3 times before calling a teacher. Try not to stop the flow of your practice.

  • Listen carefully to your teacher’s instructions. Try to follow them. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

  • Do not move beyond your last asana as given by the teacher. 

  • Do not add new asanas unless they are given by your teacher.

  • Practice the traditional sequence and vinyasa. Do not skip postures without reason.

  • If visiting, please practice the Primary Series on your first day with us or talk with the Mysore teacher.

  • Enjoy your practice.




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