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Summer Outside Shala Schedule - LAST DAY FOR OUTDOOR CLASSES: AUG 31, 2021

There maybe a lot of falling instead of flying but the process will be fun!



All the classes will be outside if the weather is good. You will be contacted via email if the class is cancelled or is moved indoors as restrictions and weather allows. 



9:30 - 10:45am Flying Sequence w/ Linda Riverdale Community Field 9231 100 Ave - google maps: 53.5419216, -113.4724037

9:30 - 10:45am Yoga & Child Minding w/ Victoria Riverdale Community Field 9231 100 Ave

(June 14, 21 July 19,21, 23* Aug 2 & 9) *kids camp details to come.  


5:30-6:30pm Intro to Half Primary w/ Linda Kinsmen Park - google maps: 53.5276520, -113.5080922


9:30 - 11:30am Guided Primary Series w/ Linda Riverdale Community Field google maps: 53.5419216, -113.4724037

12:00-1:00pm Bound Sequence w/Linda Constable Ezio Faraone Park - meet by monument


8:00 - 9:15am Lion Sequence w/ Julia Ritchie Park (78 Ave & 98Street) - google maps: 53.513814, -113.480465

5:30 - 6:30pm Half into Full Primary w/ Lea Kinsman Park 

google maps: 53.5276520, -113.5080922


9:30 -1 0:45am Fifth sequence w/ Melissa Ritchie Park (78 Ave & 98Street) - google maps: 53.513814, -113.480465

6:00 - 7:30pm Moon Sequence w/Julia Borden Park - google maps: 53.562305, -113.457331


9:00 - 10:30am Lion sequence w/ Julia or Linda Riverdale Community Field - google maps:google maps: 53.5419216, -113.4724037


Vinyasa, is a breath initiated practice, that connects every action of our life  with the intention of moving towards that which is sacred, or most important to us. 

For this summers outdoor program Shala's intention is to offer a comprehensive and inclusive program that allows everyone to explore, inquire and have a bit of fun with their yoga asana practice. We are taking inspiration from Matthew Sweeney 5 sequences from Vinyasa Krama as well offering *traditional* Ashtanga sequencing. These classes will not be about whether you can perform the asana instead will provide a platform for learning and building on your bodies abilities. Modifications and variations will be given to allow every ability to play and have fun. 

For information on the tradition Ashtanga Classes 


Matthew Sweeney's Sequences from Vinyasa Krama


Chandra Krama/ Moon Sequence

This sequence is practiced by slowing down the the vinyasa and taking more breaths allowing  the physical system and erratic nature of the mind to calmed down.  This practice will allow you to just be!

Chandra Krama is intended to be practiced on the full moon, new moon or anytime you are feeling more tired than usual. It is a therapeutic alternative to your regular routine (yoga routine/ daily routine). This restorative practice has many benefits, one of which is the strengthen of the body when practiced weekly.


The sequence is also therapeutic for shoulders, wrists, knees, hips and the lower back. 

Simha Krama/ The Lion Sequence

The central aspect of Simha Krama sequence is backbending, leading towards simhasana. The sequence emphasizes the hips and lower back. By focusing on leg and abdominal strength the hips will become open and the lower back supported. 




Baddha Krama/Bound Sequence

Matthew Sweeney often refers to Baddha Krama sequence as the "liquorice-all-sorts" because it includes many of the asanas practiced in the traditional Ashtanga sequences that may not be available to the student yet. This practice offer alternative sequencing to many of the bound asanas we do find in the traditional Ashtanga sequence but with many more variations to explore along the way. You will discover the energetic circular connection of the bind that can be ignited equally by touching the thumb to finger as to placing your leg behind your head and everywhere in-between. 

This sequence may include the 'romance' postures. That is the asanas often fantasied about being accomplished (ie...lotus, drop backs, splits and handstands). Do not be in a hurry, find patience and practice with a humble spirit of inquiry. Our teachers will make sure the practice is accessible to everyone. 



Uddi Krama/ Flying Sequence

This sequence is meant to get the blood flowing. With movement at the base of this practice it has a carefree feel and outward nature. It is infused with a sense of adventure. Respect your fears and move towards them and you may find whether you are flexible or not, strong or not that you will be soon be capable of many of the asanas in this sequence.

Pancha Krama /The Fifth Sequence

This sequence is similar to the tradition Ashtanga Yoga Advance C or Fifth Series. This sequence is meant for advanced practitioners only so if you give it a try have fun as modification and variations will be given.  

Kids Yoga and Child Minding

We will be offering Kids Yoga and Child minding alongside our Monday morning Flying Sequence Class at 9:30am. 

Cost: $5 Drop in

More then 1 sibling: $10 (unlimited)

The Yoga for Kids Classes are guided by Victoria Vilaivan. Victoria offers a colourful, family-focused yoga practice that takes a unique approach to the development and delivery of both yogic theory and traditional aboriginal knowledge. This class is also open to parents. 

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