February 1 to March 31

Venue: Shala Ashtanga Yoga Centre

It’s time to get back your Ashtanga yoga practice. Challenge yourself to reclaim or increase your commitment to your practice and join us at Shala for 25/ 50 classes over the months of February and/ March. You are welcome to join the challenge anytime or join both months as long as you consecutively practice a 6 day a week practice for min of 4 weeks.  Experience how the method of a 6 day a week practice can transform your mind, body and life. 

This isn't CRASH YOGA!

Enjoy the support and motivation of a community of practitioners and teachers and establish healthy habits to carry you into a life practice. 

The rules:

  • Attend at least 25 classes over 4 weeks. 

  • Make sure to take at least 1 rest day off per week with moondays as optional

  • Challengers must be practicing their Ashtanga Practice at the Studio or home (pictures required for home practice).

 Attend the following classes

  • Mysore Style Classes
  • Full Primary Series

  • Half Primary Series

  • Foundations into Half Primary Series

  • Half into Full Primary Series

  • 3 Breath Count Half Primary Series

  • Ashtanga: Moon Sequence

  • Ashtanga Enrichment


If you need to include any non traditional classes (Ashtanga Inspired, Ashtanga Flow, Yin) in your challenge please provide us with details. 

  • Current pass will be put on hold during your challenge month

  • Can register in the challenge up to 2 times. Discounted price for Harmony registration will only be offered once. 


What you get:

  • Complete the full challenge and receive a Shala tank top 

  • 30% off your next month of yoga!

  • You will also receive various Shala Merchandise to remind you of your committment to yourself.

  • PonyTails & Horseshoes Hair Salon - 20% off services 

  • You’ll also be entered into 

    • Draw for gift certificate for Acupuncture with Andrea House

    • PonyTails & Horseshoes Hair Salon - 20% off services 


  • One amazing month of yoga and transformation

  • Support, yoga tips and encouragement from Shala teachers




$30 with registration in Harmony’s Classes & Workshops, February 1-5, 2020

(Harmony’s Classes can be considered 5 days towards your challenge)


$3.60/day or $90 for 25 day if not attending Harmony 

Thanks to our awesome sponsors for donating gifts and draw prizes for our challengers!


Acupunture Works! Acupunture and Chinese Medicine with Andrea House

PonyTails & Horseshoes Hair Salon - 20% off services 

Hand made Shala Ceramic Sage Holder, Sage not included 

 *And more to come!


HARMONY AT SHALA: February 1-5, 2020

Full Classes & Workshop

Register before January 17


Regular Price


Special Adjustments & Technique Workshop


one of three "Certified" Ashtanga Yoga Teachers in Canada ...

Harmony, will be guiding us in a Full Primary Class, holding space in the Mysore room & taking us deeper into the Ashtanga Practice this February. She will individually work with each student according to their unique abilities, personality & experience. All levels of students are encouraged to come and take part in the experience & go deeper.

"In the Mysore method, students are met as individuals. Each person is taught progressively according to his or her readiness. A relationship is cultivated with the teacher. The practice begins to grow... "
-Harmony Slater


February 1-5, 2020

Sign up by contacting




Register for Mysore or Guided Primary Series

Before January 17




Individual Classes: $30+gst



Sat, February 1



February 2-5

Sun, Feb 2


Mon thru Wed, Feb 3-5


*early arrival available, teaching starts at 6:30am


All 3 Workshop Sessions: $100+gst

$40+gst/per session




Session 1 Workshop: 12:00 - 2:00PM

The History of Ashtanga Yoga

A fun and informative living documentary with illustrative images that follows the history and philosophy of the yoga practice from it’s Mythological inception all the way to many of it’s current teachers and the figures who’ve shaped and influenced the way we see and practice yoga today. 


Session 2 Workshop: 3:00-5:00PM

Intermediate Preparations: Opening the Hips, Backbending & Arm Balances

An introduction to different techniques that can enhance both the ‘hip-opening’ and 'back-bending' aspects of your yoga practice, as well as working on cultivating the inner strength needed for arm balances. 



Session 3 Workshop: 10:30am-12:30pm

Practice: A Mirror for Self Study & Questions

The journey of practice is often not linear. We will look at different ways to approach the yoga practice in order to discover how we can integrate all limbs of yoga into daily life, while possibly uncovering blindspots in both the body and mind.  

This is also a time for students to ask practice related questions or other yoga related questions.



Special Adjustment Workshop: 1:00-4:00PM

$60+gst (in additions to workshop sessions)

Yoga Techniques & Adjustment Workshop

We will look more in depth at the correct alignment and energetic principles that accompany specific postures in the Ashtanga Yoga sequence. Learn how to adjust different asanas and why certain postures are called “gate-keepers” and how you can assist others in their practice.

Becoming one of three "Certified" Ashtanga Yoga Teachers in Canada ...

"I have found that time I spend in Mysore is the heart of my practice and source for my teaching. Directly learning from Guruji and Sharath has touched every aspect of my life. The ritual of immersing myself into the culture of India and connecting back to the roots of yoga continues to keep me inspired and each time forces me to go deeper within myself, to grow, and develop even more trust in this powerful, authentic practice. In 2015 I received 'Certification' from Sharath Jois, which is the highest acknowledgment one can receive from the KPJAYI in Mysore and is an official permission to teach the Advanced A Series."

                                                                                                               -Harmony Slater

Harmony Slater - K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute Certified Teacher

Introduction to Ashtanga Series are all level courses. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some past yoga experience these class covers the basic principles of the Ashtanga methodology, physically and philosophically over a set period of time. The classes will focus on foundation postures, the opening sequence to all 6 series (Lvl 1) in detail and move into the first half Primary series (Foundation into Half Primary Lvl 2) giving the students an excellent foundation to start their individual or mysore style (Lvl 3) practice or to move into our Led Half Primary classes. 

Level 1 is a workshop style course for students completely new to yoga or those wanting to deepen their understanding of the foundational posture (traditional standing postures) that are often practice is most vinyasa style classes & are the postures every Ashtangi starts their practice with regardless of experience. 

Level 2 is a workshop style course to prepare students to safely practice half primary and for those wanting to deepen their understanding of the the first postures of Ashtanga System. This class will move through deepening students understanding of forward folds, hip openers, lotus postures, twists, backbends & headstands. 

New Level 3 is a led flow style course that will introduce students to progressively learn the breath count and sequencing of half of the primary series of Ashtanga. This course will encourage memory of the sequence, as well develop endurance, strength and proper breath and movement connection building on what has been learnt in levels 1 & 2 courses. This is also an excellent course to attend for those wanting to revisit or begin an Ashtanga practice who may already have experience with other yoga disciplines. 

All Levels Mysore Style is designed for new students to a Mysore style class or a yoga practice. Students are encourage to move into a Mysore style practice after attending Lvl 1/ Lvl 2 and/ Lvl 3 although no prerequisite is required. New students to yoga are also welcome to also drop in and learn Ashtanga in a traditional way. This class is designed to support students in overcoming their fear of a self directed practice and creates an environment to feel comfortable and safe practicing at their own pace wherever they are at with their ashtanga practice.


SAYC offers various options to learn the Ashtanga System to support everyones unique needs: 

10 week Evening course

6 week Level 1, 2 & 3 courses

2 & 3.5 week Lunchtime & Morning courses.

In these courses the students will explore the fundamental of  foundational postures, the first postures of the Primary Series, Half of Primary Series and the closing sequence through breath, drishti and bandha.

10 class courses, 3.5 & 10 week (not available at this time)

After the first 6 weeks (6 classes) of the workshop style format where students learn and begin to implement the principle concepts of each posture the teacher will lead the group through the foundational postures, the first part of the primary series & the closing sequence so the students can begin to experience the meditative and dynamic flow of the Ashtanga system as a group. This course also offer 2 mysore style classes which allows each student to experience the traditional teaching of the ashtanga practice and gives the opportunity for students to work with the teacher individually at their own pace and build the confidence to begin to develop their own self or mysore practice.

5 & 6 class course, 2 & 5/ 6 weeks 

These classes are designed to offer options for students entering the Ashtanga practice with various past experiences.

Students are taught in a workshop format and will be working through the fundamentals of Sun Salutations, Foundational postures and the first half of Primary Series to build strength, endurance and to allow for the integration of the system into the body.



Introduction to Ashtanga Class Passes*

$90/ 6 classes

combination of Lvl 1, 2 or 3: $160.00/ 12 classes

All 3 Lvls: $216/ 18 classes

Mysore: Lvl 1, 2 & 3: any of the above class combinations

*students are welcome to purchase a monthly unlimited new student pass anytime during the duration of their intro course for $59. This pass can be activated while you are attending your intro course or once its complete. Monthly unlimited passes cannot be used to drop into any intro class.

Email info@shalacentre for more information or to register!

Registration is open for our Intro level 1 


Next 6 week 6 class sessions:


Level 1: Foundational Postures

Tuesday Evenings 5:30-6:30pm

Current session: 

Next session: February 18 to March 24, 2020

Teacher: Linda Turnbull 

Level 2: Foundations into Half Primary Series

Ongoing, Drop in Anytime!

Wednesday Evenings 5:30-6:30pm

Next 6 week 6 class intensive session:

Level 1, 2, & 3: Intro to Mysore (the traditional method)

Ongoing Registration. Commit to any mysore class over 6 sessions to learn the practice traditionally. 

Open to register for 6+ classes contact Shala for more information

Teacher: Kellie Kitson / Linda Turnbull / Lea Rouhiainen


Intro Level 1

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Mornings 7:45-8:45am - Ongoing semi private classes Open to register for 6+ classes or drop in or sign up by contacting

Teacher: Linda Turnbull/ Kellie Kitson

Next session: TBA

Lunch Hours

Next 2 week 6 class intensive session:

Level 1: Foundational Postures

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 1:05-2:00pm

Next session: TBA



NEXT SESSION: Spring Break 2020, July 2020

Contact us at for expressions of interest for either info@shalacentre 

Ages 3-9

Monday - Friday,  9am-3pm ($200)

Siblings Discount Available!

Limited space!

​To register, email


Yoga & Healthy Eating!


Getting children involved in making food can help build confidence and is one of the first steps in creating healthy eating habits. Shala's Kids Yoga Camp is focused on working with kids to develop healthy relationships physically through yoga, energetically through nutritional food, emotionally & mentally through creativity & mindfulness.


Combining nutrient dense foods with daily physical activity in the early years helps to contribute to positive mental and physical development in children and in adults! Health and wellness is not just about eating nutritious food and exercising. It is also about feeling strong in our bodies and our minds. Building confidence and learning ways to combat stress can help us all to be the best we can be and feel good about who we are.

Having fun is key to incorporating new healthy habits into our lives, and combining the benefits of yoga, healthy eating and being in nature can last a lifetime. Join Linda Turnbull for a fun and exciting week of play, creation, exploration and mindfulness, followed by a daily nourishing group snack made by and for kids!  In this 5-day camp, kids will contribute to making yummy and healthy treats to fuel their day.


At the end of the week, everyone will get their very own Shala Kids Cook Book; made, created, produced & tested by them!


Come and explore with us before the summer is over!

Daily excusions (weather permitting) will include nature walks, scavenger hunts, library, playground and splashpark fun. 


Linda  is a mother of two with a life-long background in dance, movement and performing arts and has taught in elementary schools across Edmonton as part of Edmonton’s Concrete Theatre Artist in Residency program. She is co-owner/director and teacher at Shala and has a deep love for all things movement… and FOOD! She’s got a knack for getting kids to eat healthy too! 


All kids must be potty trained.

Please bring everyday:

Hats, change of clothes, Swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and bugspray, snack and lunch, water bottle, group healthy snack contribution (fruit or vegetable)

Daily group snack: Allergy/dietary preference  list to be sent out before camp start date