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Next Program Fall 2020: Mid Oct/ Early Nov


Immerse yourself in the Ashtanga System*



To Register or any questions

Please contact the Shala via email at

Our Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teacher Training & Ashtanga Enrichment Program will provide you with the tools to begin Svadhyaya (self-study) and develop the skills you need to share your passion. 

"This is the best teacher training course we have seen in years"

Canadian Yoga Alliance


Schedule: Starting November 2022

200hr: Next Course November 2022. This Teacher Training Program with be a intensive 3 - 4 month blended online via zoom and in-studio course.
During this time we will be offering the option of a Online only certified 200hr Teacher Training Program. The online program* will be accessible through zoom bringing the program live to your living room.  

Weekend Schedule: will be decided with trainees & teachers 

300hr (Additional 5 weeks): Not available at this time. If you are interested let us know via email.
Dates are subject to change due to needs of the group. 
*each session will be live but will be recorded for Trainees review during the course.  

Next Teacher Training & Ashtanga Enrichment

200 Hour Teacher Training  “Yoga of Patanjali” with Melissa Wasserfall

Date: November 2022 - January 2023 (exact date TBA)

Express interest or for more information email

The Shala's True Yoga Teacher Training Program is facilitated and taught by Melissa Wasserfall.

Melissa’s teaching philosophy is to bring her knowledge of yoga and the musculo-skeletal system to her students, so they can practice and teach from a place of knowledge and confidence.

“I am passionate about yoga and it’s benefits, which I experience first hand through my own practice every day, and I hope to ignite and impart this to my students, awakening in them their own self knowledge and wisdom, which exists in each of us. The yoga practice is the real teacher.”

True Yoga Teacher Training program is registered with the Yoga Alliance (RYS). Once the student has fulfilled all the RYS requirements they will receive their 200-hour Certificate “Yoga of Patanjali” training which is recognized by the Yoga Alliance of North America.

The Shala's True Yoga Teacher Training Course 

2020 Course Information



Melissa Wasserfall  True Yoga

Melissa has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga for over 20years. She’s known for her vigorous classes, understanding of poses, and knowledge of anatomy and energy in relation to yoga postures.

Kellie Kitson Shala Ashtanga Yoga 

Kellie has been practicing yoga since 2007, starting a daily Ashtanga practice in 2009. She started shadowing, learning and assisting under Melissa Wasserfall in the Mysore room in 2013 after receiving her 200YTT under Mark Darby & Shankara Darby in the Ashtanga Lineage. In 2016 she started to hold space and work with students collaboratively in the Mysore Style. Currently Kellie is practicing under Harmony Slater, certified Ashtanga Teacher. 

Linda Turnbull Shala Ashtanga Yoga

Dr. Neil Dalal Associate Professor in Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Neil Dalal's research interests include Indian philosophy, history of Indian religions, Yoga, Vedanta, meditation, religious experience, and contemplative theory. He was co-director of Gurukulam (a feature length documentary on Vedanta); Co-editor of Asian Perspectives on Animal Ethics: Rethinking the Nonhuman. He is currently working on a book manuscript titled “Contemplative Practice in Advaita Vedanta;” and articles on “Sudden and Gradual Enlightenment in Advaita Vedanta;” and “Imagination and Meditation in the Early Upanishads.”


Ian Hayward  Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant

Ian Hayward learnt Panchakarma therapy and an extensive range of body work and elimination therapies at Maharishi Vedic University in Valkenburg, Holland and was the Ayurvedic consultant to the British Royal Family. While overseas he ran one of the largest Ayurvedic spas and treatment centres in Europe before he moved to Canada. He is currently the Director of Elemental Life Solutions.

Tuition: online payment below


Early Bird, before Oct 15

IN STUDIO:$2,900 +taxes

ONLINE: $1,700 +taxes**

Regular, after Oct 15
200 hr:

IN STUDIO: $3,400 +taxes 

ONLINE: $1,900 +taxes**











Minimum deposit of $500 +gst (non-refundable) is required to reserve space & secure the program.

Full tuition is non-refundable once program commences.



*Tuition can be made in 2 instalments before program begins. This option is not available on early bird pricing. If paying in full the $500 deposit is included in tuition amount. If a refund is required for any reason Shala will refund full tuition amount minus $500 deposit.

*Although Ashtanga focused the course will cover other Vinyasa systems. This 200 hour Teacher Training is approved by Yoga Alliance. We aim to provide you with a clear, concise, mature teacher training that meets and exceeds the course requirements of Alberta Yoga Alliance.

Please note this course does not provide teacher with a KPJAYI Certification or Authorization



Course Overview

Our training includes in-class instruction plus practical teaching experience to help you build your yoga practice and confidence.

This course will focus on asana from the Ashtanga yoga system. You will learn through your own practice and instruction on how to teach and experience the full primary series, proper vinyasas count and asanas sequencing as well as some asana from the other 5 sequences. There will also be an intense look at the foundational postures of yoga, backbends, shoulder stands, headstands as well we will explore how to modify asanas to teach to the individual and look at some Classic Hatha asanas.



Shala's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training online with full Yoga Alliance accreditation will provide you a learning opportunity to become a teacher from your living room during the time of covid. Your living room will be your yoga home while you connect with a community of students in studio and via zoom who all have a passion to move deeper into their yoga practice and learn to teach from this experience.


This course will be taught live over 20 weeks from Oct 2020 to Mar 2021 in which you will zoom into the studio from wherever you are. The course will include online yoga classes, pranayama, meditation and lecture classes.  The online course will offer flexibility to learn at your own pace as it will be recorded for your review or if you are unable to attend any of the live classes. Please note: attendance will be required in the livestream classes at Melissa's discretion. 



Course Content


Yoga philosophy

This course will help you begin to understand the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. We will look at the koshas, kleshas, the vayus, the yamas, and Niyamas and explore and discuss the yoga sutras, the bhagavad gita and ayurveda.


I. Deepen your practice to learn to teach others


Breath & Vinyasa 

Learn the mechanism of the breath & movement system of vinyasa and its affect on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic body.

Bandha & Posture 

Deepen your experience of the bandhas as energetic locks and learn how to use them to circulate energy and understand the affects and learn how to apply this to various asanas.



Brings about a deepening of concentration and realization of oneness during the practice and deepen your understanding of yoga as a transformative process.   



Begin to explore different forms of Pranayama or breath control and experience how the practice of pranayama can helps us keep from distractions and provides us a strong platform to develop our yoga practice.



Experience how your yoga practice can become a meditative asana/ physical practice while also looking at different ways of approaching meditation outside of the asana practice.  



Explore several aspects of the voice as a tool for teaching and in self-practice to help break through mental, physical and energetic blockages in the body. (Guest speaker)



Discuss and learn ancient and modern views on this subject. Learn how to support your mental, physical, energetic practice through food and nutrition.


II. Teaching Students

The second aspect of the training will involve gaining the confidence and developing skills that will allow you to transmit your own experience and practice. The course will explore the use of words to give concise and progressive verbal instructions when leading a class, teaching a mysore style class or privately. We will also focus on how to communicate safely and clearly through physical adjustments and how to read postural and energetic imbalances of the students.



Sequencing yoga classes

Learn how to use your unique teaching style and understanding of your practice to develop strong sequencing skills for a Vinyasa style class.


Anatomy as it relates to the yoga asanas and the physical body

Learning very specific physical anatomy that corresponds to the course content. Guidelines will be presented as to how to talk about yoga anatomy when teaching. You will learn and discuss adjustments, alignment, ujjayi breath, contra- indications, drishti and bandhas. Common injuries, misalignment, and strength and flexibility issues that can arise from asana practice. Basic anatomy will be part of the suggested readings.


Esoteric anatomy

Begin to understand and discuss how a yoga practice operates beyond the physical body and moves into the body as consciousness





Course Includes

200 Hours of Instruction including

       20 Hour Practicum

       10 hour Academic study of the History of ancient

& modern yoga including 3 hours of Sanskrit with  Dr. Neil Dalal 

       5-8 hours of intensive workshops/ mysore practice

with Certified/ Authorized/ Practicing Ashtanga Teacher

       2.5 Hour Ayurveda Module with Ian Hayward


Midpoint Assessment


Led Primary Series, Led Vinyasa Class, Assisting in

Mysore Classes

Final Assessment


Materials Provided

Notebook of comprehensive literature for study including but not

limited to a copy of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, primary series

sequence with sanskrit names and count, and other course content.  

Ashtanga Primary Series, Gregor Maehle

Vinyasa Karma, Matthew Sweeney

**Ashtanga Primary Series & Vinyasa Karma Book are not included

in price of online course

Teacher Training Schedule

Date: TBA

Weekend Schedule

Friday Nights: 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturdays: 8:00am – 6:00pm (2hr break)

Sundays: 8:00am – 6:00pm (2hr break)

Hours: 9.5 weekends at 20 hours

and an additional 5-8hrs intensive mysore practice and/or workshops with authorized/ certified Ashtanga teacher

Past Mysore intensives with Harmony Slater & Russel Case

Note: Hours may vary slightly based on instructor and material to be covered.

About Melissa Wasserfall

I started practicing Ashtanga yoga as a daily practice at The Yoga Centre, Edinburgh under the direction of Hamish Hendry and then became a teacher there, completing my teacher training in 1999. I am a direct student of the late Sri K.Pattabhi Jois and have completed my 200 ERYT and 500 RYT teacher trainings.


I have diplomas in sports and remedial massage, phytotherapy (the study of herbs), energy healing and holographic re-patterning. Whilst I focus almost exclusively on yoga teaching now, all of these trainings have enabled me to fine tune my ability to read people’s bodies, and to see where each individual student needs particular attention.

Ashtanga yoga can be a very masculine practice and I aim to balance that with the feminine aspect of surrender and softening.

Since the birth of my children, the first in 2005, I have been teaching pre and post natal yoga as well as mom and baby yoga. I aim to provide comprehensive information on all aspects of childbirth, during pregnancy and after. I am Y.A.A, C.Y.A and Y.A certified and currently teach first and second series Ashtanga yoga. I try to return to Mysore, India, whenever possible to continue my studies with R.Sharath.

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